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L'Association  des  Parents  Indépendants  et  de  Sections  Internationales

Introduction to API - What is API ?

API stands for L'Association des Parents Indépendents et de Sections Internationales. In English, this would be translated as the Association of Independent and International Section Parents.

API is a local and completely independent parents' association. API 's commitment is to work towards the best interests of our children at the schools where we are present and to encourage parents and students to get involved in volunteer activities within their schools. API is recognized by the French department of education, allowing its members to be represented at school meetings, such as during board and committee meetings.

API was created in 2003 when the parents' association of the CIV and the Independent Group of Parents of the Sartoux school merged into a single new association. API is now present and active in the following schools:

  • Lycée (High school) : The Lycée International de Valbone (LIV) in Valbonne
  • Collèges (Middle school) :
    • Collège International de Valbone (CoIV) in Valbonne
    • Collège de l'Eganaude in Biot
    • Collège Niki de St Phalle in Valbonne
  • Haut–Sartoux Primary school in Valbonne (until 2018. We are looking for parents to lead API there. Please contact us)

API represents all parents that come under the label of independent.

Being completely independent of any national parents' association, our values and objectives arise solely from our members' meetings.

Our association aims to promote international education and the development of multi-cultural activities within the framework of the national education curriculum.

Therefore, the purpose of API goes beyond the international sections, upholding the interests of all parents and benefitting them from this global perspective.

API also works closely with the following international section associations:

  • APEG : German section
  • APRODESI : Italian section
  • ASEICA : American section
  • ASPESIE : Spanish section

In schools where API is not present, such as 3 Collines and Garbejaire (primary schools), César (middle school) and Simone Veil (high school), API maintains a close relationship with the local parents' associations in those schools.

In September 2020, API had 340 members. The number of members has been continuously growing since the beginning of API. In addition to attending board meetings for the “Conseil d'Administration”, our elected representatives take an active part in other committees/boards such as: the Disciplinary Board, the Committee of Education for Health and Citizenship, the Lycée students' association committee, the canteen and the boarding school.

In 2020, more than 220 parent delegates attended the “Conseil de Classe”, meetings that are held each trimester to discuss student grades for each class.

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