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L'Association  des  Parents  Indépendants  et  de  Sections  Internationales

Why join API?

Being an API member allows parents to participate in school activities, stay informed and be part of a wide group of active parents involved in the schools where API is present.

API is a local parents’ association with a pragmatic vision. API members share common values and principles, such as:

  • being a partner with the schools and their administrative teams; when improvements are necessary, criticism remains constructive and solutions are proposed,
  • defending the common interest of all students, as well as assisting with individual cases,
  • preferring a "win-win" mentality rather than being confrontational,
  • listening to concerns of parents and students,
  • proposing solutions, rather than just complaining about what doesn’t work,
  • remaining independent whenever needing to take a position,
  • working towards the well-being and academic success of all students,
  • defending the quality and secular nature of the public educational system.

Being an API member

Firstly, members are well-informed about important subjects related to school life. This information is shared in several ways, including during meetings and by receiving the minutes from meetings held by the school’s administrative board.

Secondly, members exchange ideas and come up with ways to help improve school life, such as helping to find internships for students in 4ème and 3ème.

Finally, members are actively involved in the school community: API’s strength comes from putting into action new ideas proposed by its members.

Being part of a local and independent association

Being a member of a local and independent association ensures a greater responsiveness and freedom in making decisions. Policies are developed by local members considering the needs of individual schools in our area. There is no pressure to conform to decisions made by a national body that does not understand the specificities of local needs.

How to get involved?

Simply by joining the association and paying the small membership fee, you are helping to support APIs projects and values.

For those wanting to become more involved, there are many ways to participate in API projects and school activities, such as:

  • By becoming a class representative and participating in the end-of-trimester meetings held for each class,
  • By meeting with other parents to discuss issues at the school,
  • By volunteering to help with:
    • Organizing school elections and school events,
    • Collecting school books at the end of the year,
    • Organizing the “job forum” and/or health day
    • Translating API documents,
    • Testing school lunches.

Motivated members may also want to consider taking on more responsibility by becoming an API board member or by becoming a candidate for the school’s administrative board. Elected API representatives can also participate on various committees, such as the Disciplinary Board.

API is always looking for volunteers who want to be more active in the association! Each member is welcome to participate according to their availability and interests.

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